You Smell Like a Man, Baby

Further to my post earlier this week about the benefits of having a masculine influence in one’s feminine wardrobe, Alice Du Parcq wrote a story not too long ago (OK, six months ago) in the Sunday Times about the rising popularity of women wearing masculine fragrances.

“Wearing a more masculine scent can empower [women] and help the way they are perceived. Some of the more traditionally male notes, such as bay, black popper, frankincense and cedarwood, don’t just smell wonderful, they work psychologically on the emotions, providing strength, warmth, comfort and focus,” says Geraldine Howard, president and cofounder of Aromatherapy Associates.

These traditionally “masculine” fragrance notes evoke a presence that is “bold, controlled and confident,” life coach Becki Houlston tells Du Parcq, so it’s not surprising that a quick search on a site such as Sephora reveals that many scents marketed to men are actually purchased by women or, on the sales floor, known as unisex. Who doesn’t want to feel bold and confident?

I’ll confess to not knowing the first thing about fragrances, nor having much interest in developing a knowledge base, but … (shoe) leather. Mmmmm. Maybe it’s time for a sniff test or three.

Photo source Getty Images via The Guardian