Jenna Lyons’ 10 Style Rules

I’m quite chuffed with my new shoes, which I got a couple weeks ago at & Other Stories while in London. A basic black loafer a bit more pointed than usual and with a straw upper, making them a solid, classy three-season shoe. They dress up my most basic outfits and are just fashion-forward enough to keep this standard style interesting. Sorry, I’ll stop admiring my feet and get to the point — they’re a beautiful medley of masculine and feminine styles, which just happens to be one of Jenna Lyons’ style laws.

To commemorate the opening of the first J Crew in London, The Guardian asked Lyons for her 10 style commandments, and she delivered.

Among the ones I’ll take to heart:

  • Don’t divide your wardrobe into smart and casual, but mix them up
  • Freshening up your look doesn’t always have to be about buying something new
  • Details matter
  • A masculine element will make any outfit more chic (I totally scored with my shoes!)

(That last point reminds me of something the wise ladies of Smythe Les Vestes told me last year.)

Smart. Simple. Chic. I think those are now officially my new style rules.