Celebrating Les Sapeurs, or What a Difference Dressing Up Can Make

Have you seen this new Guinness ad? Short movie, more like (there’s even a making of). It’s a celebration of the Sapeurs, “the Society of Elegant Persons of the Congo.”

In this particular case their dressing up is a celebration of style and a celebration of life. It’s inspirational, though, don’t you think. What fun would it be to look this fiiiine all the time?

Adweek writes of the spot: “The ad itself succeeds on many levels, perhaps most of all by capturing the Sapeurs’ commitment to personal style and expression rather than portraying their club as some hedonistic celebration of overpriced opulence.”

And the Wall Street Journal writes of the Sapeurs: “These well-dressed gentlemen aren’t African big men slapping each other on the back to celebrate just-consummated deals. They’re Congolese everymen — taxi drivers, carpenters, gravediggers — assembled here on this sunny Sunday afternoon because they’re what locals call Sapeurs, men who believe in the uplifting, redeeming, beatifying effect of dressing well.”

It’s not too late for a new year’s resolution is it? Be it resolved that we all believe in the “uplifting, redeeming, beatifying effect of dressing well.”

If you can’t be bothered to click over to YouTube, cliquez ici and enjoy!