An Ode to a Hairbrush (& Rosehip Oil, Too)

I don’t often do straight up product recommendations on this blog, but I’ve recently started using two items, one for hair, one for skin, that have had an immediate effect on my beauty routine and on my, er, beauty.

I was reading this story last week on Refinery 29 about how to look like a French girl. You know, wear striped shirts, don’t wash your hair, ride around on a bicycle. One of the items is about leaving their hair alone  — and if you know me you know I’ll try anything if it means going another day or two between hair washings. The tip: “Many French women flip their heads to face the belly, and with a quality boar-bristle brush, brush the hair from scalp to tips to rid the hair of dirt and give it ‘breathing’ room. Many perform this ritual nightly.”

Boar bristle, you say? I googled and found this at Sephora. I bought it without hesitation and then got home and realized I just spent almost $30 on a hair brush, BUT after one night’s brush I knew it was worth every penny. My hair is softer and smoother and I can now go four days between washings (woo!).

The other item is for skin, and I was told about it by a friend after I complained about acne scars and confessed that I was seriously considering laser cosmetic surgery to rid me of them. She suggested trying pure rosehip oil first, massaging it into the skin morning and night under any/every other product I used. She recommend Kosmea, and I heeded her advice and have been thankful ever since. My scars are visibly smaller/lighter, my skin is smoother and blemishes are cleared up MUCH faster than with any other product (prescription or OTC) that I’ve ever used. Hallelujah.