A Lady and Her Lingerie

I maintain that lingerie is the first/easiest gateway to femininity because it’s something a gal does for herself. The vast majority of the time ain’t no one seeing that stuff but the wearer. (Be honest!)

So, I read with great interest this essay from The Vagenda about how underwear’s gone from something that covered things up underneath an outfit to something that emphasizes things and in a way is the outfit itself.

I learned this first-hand earlier this year when I tried to buy an unlined, underwire, nude-coloured bra from Victoria’s Secret. Their ever-chipper staff informed me that they don’t sell unlined bras anymore. Like, at all. It’s all padding, all the time. I couldn’t believe it and basically made the saleswoman prove it to me by touring the store and looking for hidden, non-sexy bras. (I was so upset/aghast I went to a store across the way and bought a dress. Take that, Victoria!)

Still, sometimes a girl just wants to wear a white T shirt without showing off her bra and/or being forced to use her boobs as chin rests, you know? I’ve since found Eberjey, and am very happy with their non-padded offerings.