Garance Doré’s day in heels

Garance Doré

“During Fashion Week, we always see editors running around in the highest of high heels. Don’t you wonder how they do it … and why — really?”

This is how fashion writer/photographer Garance Doré begins this instalment of her video series Pardon My French, with the focus on high heels. She commits to wearing them for a full day, fright in her eyes when she proclaims “no ballerinas.”

She speaks with editors, models and shoe designers for their tips on how to achieve this, which include:
– gel cushions under the balls of the feet
– a pair of flats in the bag for relief (though I find once I make the switch to flats, there ain’t no going back)
– practice wearing them for lengthy amounts of time before committing to a full day.

Of course, it’s the middle of winter here in Toronto, and I can barely commit to leaving the house for a full day let alone putting on a pair of heels. Still, it’s (very) nice to know that even the most stylish of ladies can find heels hellish.

Do you have tricks for wearing heels? Share them below. Together, we can do this. :)

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