In praise of the wardrobe detox, or having less but wearing it more

Empty closetI’ve gone on before about my efforts to streamline my wardrobe to make getting dressed every morning easier and ensure that what I’m wearing is makes me look my best. In doing so, I’ve adopted a uniform of sorts, which I spoke about with Worn Journal recently.

So I was really interested to read this take on minimalist dressing by Anuschka Rees, which was sent to me by a friend. Her whole blog, Into Mind, is about a minimalist approach to style. Rees writes:

“Letting minimalist ideas guide your approach to fashion does not mean sticking to a visually minimalist style (although it can); instead it is about embracing the minimalist concept of having less but making sure that everything you do have fits your aesthetic taste and lifestyle perfectly.”

She lists her guiding principles to minimalist personal style as:
A defined personal style
Quality over quantity

These same rules could be applied to beauty routines or home decor, even an art collection. Of course, none of these rules can be applied if you don’t have a sense of your personal style. As Rees says: “Above all, the minimalist approach is about defining your own personal style and building a wardrobe around it.”

But how does one do that? With professional help! And I’ll have some tips on how to get it an upcoming post. (Here it is!)

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