A great day for pants in France

Black Wool Jumpers and Black Cigarette Pants seen at Paris Fashion Week and snapped by Tommy Ton

Here I was thinking Paris was the pinnacle of style and femininity, the city’s glamourous women in their glamourous cigarette pants, mussed hair, red lipstick. Turns out that — until last week — those women were CRIMINALS!

Every city has antiquated bylaws that are still in the books but generally ignored. In my hometown of Toronto, for instance, it’s illegal to drag a dead horse down the city’s main thoroughfare on a Sunday. (Hello, nanny state!) In Paris, until last week, there was a 200-year-old law forbidding women from wearing pants in the city unless they had special permission from police (!) to “dress as men.” The law was amended in 1892 and again in 1909 to allow women to wear pants if she was riding a bike or a horse — technically “if the woman is holding a bicycle handlebar or the reins of a horse.”

The law was finally revoked, the charge led by Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, the country’s minister of women’s rights, who called it  “incompatible with the principles of equality between women and men that are written into the Constitution and in France’s European commitments.” Finalement.

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Photo source whatwilliweartoday.ie

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