Developing a look

It’s easy to feel like you’ve got nothing to wear, but it’s also a signal of identity problems. If you’ve got a well-developed sense of identity, you tend to know what’s you no matter what the trends. Nothing I buy ever looks new, because I have my look down and it’s classic.

— Angelica Huston (source: Quiet is the new loud)

I subscribe to this philosophy 100%. After about five years of filling my wardrobe with fast fashion (H&M, holla!), everything’s got little rips and tears in it, so I’ve decided to be strategic about replacing the items. I’m going to lock in a look — decide on my look — and buy accordingly. The ultimate goal is two fold: It will be easier to shop and I’ll spend less on my wardrobe, because I’ll be buying timeless items that match the other items I already own.

Pinterest has helped me greatly in focussing my wardrobe redesign, offering my inspiration and new ideas of how to put outfits together, etc. Should you be interested: my style board.


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