Sunglasses, rolled sleeves, hats and hairstyles — style infographic overload

It’s infographic Wednesday over here. First up, how to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for your face:   How to roll your shirt sleeve:   And here’s timeless (well…) tips on hats… Continue reading

Jenna Lyons’ 10 style rules

I’m quite chuffed with my new shoes, which I got a couple weeks ago at & Other Stories while in London. A basic black loafer a bit more pointed than usual and with a… Continue reading

Ladies we love: Rosetta Tharpe, godmother of rock & roll

Another instalment in this series of fabulous women, this one a particularly bad-ass feature — Sister Rosetta Tharpe was born in the U.S. in 1915 and became the first gospel superstar, most notable… Continue reading

Bless the fashionistas at Aintree Racecourse’s Ladies Day

The Daily Mail is 100% taking the piss of these poor women who got dolled up to vie for the title of Best Dressed at Aintree’s Ladies Day in Liverpool, England, but when… Continue reading

Iris Apfel: The accidental icon

I’ve written a bit about style icon Iris Apfel before — here and here, and it’s time to sing her praises again as she’s recently been in the news. Earlier this month she… Continue reading

Ladies we love: Martha Coston, creator of the flare signal

Like many women, Martha Coston’s notable work was first attributed to a man. In her case, it was her husband. Martha worked with pyrotechnic engineers to create the maritime signal flare, which revolutionized… Continue reading

How to Dress for Success, the 1960s edition

I started this blog almost two years ago as a way to keep track of my education into lady-dom: a place to monitor progress, a repository of research and also a bit of… Continue reading

Ladies we love: Elizabeth Magie, creator of Monopoly

By 1935, Monopoly was the best-selling board game in the United States. Today, there are more than 200-million copies of the game in more than two dozen languages. And all are based on… Continue reading

Jenna Lyons has 289 pairs of shoes … and I want to try them all on

“Anyone who thinks your shoe isn’t informative about who you are is making a mistake.” — Jenna Lyons I found this video on Refinery 29 thanks to the headline, which is all about… Continue reading

Are you getting the most out of your wardrobe?

I stumbled across stylist Ashleigh Hutchinson’s blog, but was glad I did as she’s just listed that at the end of March she’s launching a five-week online course about building a better wardrobe.… Continue reading

Let Oscar winners — and a 4-year-old — teach you how to dress for success

It’s the Oscars on Sunday! Have you seen all the best picture nominees? Of course you haven’t, because who has the time, and besides we’re really only in front of the TV to… Continue reading

Ladies we love: Rosalind Franklin, discoverer of DNA

This series is at once inspiring, and anger inducing. Take this fine lady, British biophysicist Rosalind Franklin. Before Maurice Wilkins, Francis Crick and James Watson won a Nobel Prize in 1962 for their discovery… Continue reading

Feel like you never have anything to wear? Here’s how to fix that

I’ve gone on before (here and here) about my admiration of the blog Into Mind, but writer Anuschka Rees has outdone herself with this fantastic flow chart that helps you diagnose why it… Continue reading

The clothes of Downton Abbey are coming to Toronto

Downton’s Season 4 is winding down on PBS, but fear not! You can still get your fix next month, between March 11 and April 13, at Toronto’s Spadina Museum, which is hosting a… Continue reading

Ladies we love: Ray Eames, revolutionary force behind modernist design aesthetic

As someone who’s condo is filled with furniture of the mid-century modern aesthetic, you’d think I know that Ray Eames was a lady, but no, it was researching this week’s Lady We Love… Continue reading

“Fugly footwear” at Fashion Week: Practical flats or a backstage dare?

This has been one of the most oppressive winters I’ve experience in a long time in Toronto (and, we’re all still waiting it out. C’mon April, we’re ready for ya). So, wearing heels… Continue reading

Deep thoughts about how we look on the surface

Maria Popova on her site Brain Pickings, goes into a much bigger analysis of the writings of Quentin Bell, Virginia Woolf’s nephew, and specifically his book On Human Finery. Written in 1947, Popova… Continue reading

Ladies we love: Hedy Lamarr, math genius who laid foundations for advent of wifi (no big deal)

I’m only four ladies in to this series and I’m already overwhelmed by how accomplished these women are, and how instrumental they were in so much of what we take for granted today.… Continue reading